Tea Bag Grab & Go

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Experience the unbeatable taste of The Alley in a portable and convenient format with our Tea Bag Grab & Go Series. Whether you're at home, at work, or on the move, you can now savor our exceptional teas in four special flavors, any time, anywhere:


  • Classic Earl Grey Tea: A timeless favourite that delights with its robust black tea infused with the citrusy notes of bergamot.
  • Lime Honey Black Tea: A refreshing twist on traditional black tea, complemented by the zesty kick of lime and the sweetness of honey.
  • Golden Caramel Rooibos Tea: An indulgent treat that combines the earthy richness of rooibos with the lusciousness of golden caramel.
  • Jinxuan Oolong Tea: A journey into the world of oolong, with its unique creaminess and floral undertones.

Contents: Each bag contains 9 packs, each weighing 24g, enough to share or indulge in multiple servings yourself.

Origin: Proudly made in Taiwan, where tradition and innovation meet to create the finest teas.

Expiration Date: Enjoy the delightful flavours of our Tea Bag Grab & Go Series until February 9, 2024.