Tea Lover Set

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Elevate your tea-drinking experience with The Alley's Tea Lover Set – an embodiment of your passion for the finest teas, designed to accompany you wherever you go. Indulge your love for tea with The Alley's Tea Lover Set, a perfect combination of style and taste.

Set Contents:
  • Limited Leather Bag: A stylish and limited-edition leather bag that adds a touch of sophistication to your tea-drinking experience.
  • Glass Bottle: Designed for convenience, this glass bottle is perfect for steeping and enjoying your favourite teas on the go.
  • Tea Bag: Experience The Alley's exceptional teas with a pack from our Tea Bag Grab & Go Series, featuring four special flavours

Contents: Each Tea bag contains 9 packs, each weighing 24g, enough to enjoy your favourite teas or share them with fellow tea lovers.

Origin: Proudly made in Taiwan, where tradition and innovation meet to create the finest teas.

Expiration Date: Enjoy the delightful flavors of our Tea Lover Set until February 9, 2024.