Holiday Coffee Set

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Savour the spirit of the season with our specially crafted Holiday Blend coffee beans. Harvested from the coffee regions of Colombia, Peru; these beans boast a rich blend of Costello, caturra, and typica varieties. The washed process ensures a smooth and clean profile, while the medium roast level brings out exquisite chocolate, fruity, and peach notes.

Complement your coffee experience with the Monin Holiday Cheer Collection, a sampler set of gourmet flavourings, meticulously crafted to bring a burst of holiday joy to your coffee creations. The set comes with the flavours of toasted marshmallow, gingerbread, dark chocolate, peppermint, and macadamia nut.

This is the perfect gift for coffee enthusiasts and those who appreciate the magic of the holidays in every sip. Whether you're brewing a morning pick-me-up or creating a cozy evening beverage, The Alley's Holiday Coffee Set is a symphony of flavours curated to infuse joy and warmth into every coffee moment.