Yoggle Chain - Box Chain (Carbon)

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Elevate your style with the Box Style Crossbody Chain – an exquisite accessory that combines simplicity and elegance to enhance your outfit with understated luxury.

Crafted with dedicated craftsmanship, this crossbody chain features square-shaped links that drape gracefully, creating a sophisticated look. Its minimalistic design adds a touch of radiance to your ensemble.

The grey metallic texture, reminiscent of Cubist art, inspires daily mix-and-match possibilities. It's a statement of your unique style and artistic flair.

The inventive design is adaptable to almost all phone types, provided you have a phone case (see photo for reference). It ensures that your phone stays close to you, hands-free, and adds a touch of convenience to your daily activities.

Size Recommendations: Choose the size based on your height, ensuring that this accessory complements your unique style and body proportions.